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From 1993 through 2000 FACE published AboutFACE-NJ, the quarterly hard-copy newsletter of Fathers' and Children's Equality. AboutFACE-NJ was sent to all FACE members, prospective members, all NJ family court judges, all NJ appellate judges, all NJ supreme court justices, all NJ Assembly-persons, all NJ state Senators, all NJ Congress-persons, both of NJ's U.S. Senators, the President of the U.S., other similarly-focused organizations in the U.S. and internationally, and other influential policy-makers. Printing and postage costs became unsustainable, and the paper AboutFACE-NJ newsletter was retired in 2000, at about the same time as FACE's website was originated.

All of the 19 editions that were produced are now available here in .pdf format. Articles with ongoing significance in each edition are listed below. Addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and web addresses may be obsolete, so verify all contact information before using. Click the link below for the edition you would like to view:
AboutFACE-NJ, 2000 3rd quarter
Family Court Dracula - a condemnation of supervised visitation, page 1
Stephen Baskerville: Nanny State Clobbers Fathers' Rights in Court, page 1
Kathleen Parker: What If Father's Day Were Eliminated For a Few Years?, page 3
Judicial Complaints, page 3
Amy's Law - FACE's assessment of the "Safe Haven Protection Act", page 5
Is FACE Being Effective Yet? - FACE's recent activities, page 6
Why No One Is Married - marriage is an unenforceable contract, page 9

AboutFACE-NJ, 2000 2nd quarter
Worst Family Court Judge in New Jersey - result of FACE's survey, page 1
Stephen Baskerville: Are Fathers Getting a Fair Shake From the Child-Support System?, page 1
Starving Dads for Dollars, page 3
The Power of Court Watching, page 4 (Request an updated version at info@facenj.org )
A Letter of Apology to Elian Gonzalez, page 6

AboutFACE-NJ, 2000 1st quarter
Dad's House, FACE's Shelter for Men and Children, page 1
Stephen Baskerville: Is Court Ordered Child Support Doing More Harm Than Good?, page 1
Don't Move Out!, page 3
Disappearing Fathers, page 4
Lessons Learned From the Drug War, page 5
Gender Bias in Child Support Enforcement, page 6
Superbowl Sunday 2000 - a FACE demonstration, page 9

AboutFACE-NJ, 1999 3rd quarter
Stephen Baskerville: Why is Daddy in Jail?, page 1
Judges Profiling Fathers, page 2
The Real Deadbeat, page 3
Dear Son: - response to child questioning why relationship has been forced to change, page 4
Fatherless Week Activities - activities in Trenton and Washington, page 6
What are YOU doing? - political activism, page 8

AboutFACE-NJ, 1999 2nd quarter
Stop the American Family Holocaust, page 1
Stephen Baskerville: The Politics of Fatherhood, page 1
Dealing With Court-Appointed Mental Health Professionals, page 4
Book Reviews, page 6:
"Ceasefire!" by Cathy Young, and
"I Love You More Than ... " by Elizabeth Hickey
Protect Your Income, page 8

AboutFACE-NJ, 1999 1st quarter
Judge Page Firebombs Own Car, page 1
Child Support Withholding - a sympathetic employer can help, page 4
Book Review: "Divorced Dads - Shattering the Myths" by Sanford L. Braver, page 5
Dedication and Commitment - activities in New Jersey and Washington, page 6
Family Law Reform Political Action Committee, page 8
On the International Front: MFCI, page 9

AboutFACE-NJ, 1997 2nd quarter
Send 'em a Message! ... er, a 1099, page 1
At Last ... The New Child Support Guidelines, page 6

AboutFACE-NJ, 1996 4th quarter
Life After Divorce, page 1
Drivers License Update, page 3
The Child Support "Promiscuity Bonus", page 3
Bias Patterns in New Jersey Family Court, page 4
(Page number discrepancy - there is a 4 page Legislative Update insert in the center-fold between pages 4 and 5.)
College Expenses Suit Update, page 5
Family Court Survival Kit, page 6

AboutFACE-NJ, 1996 3rd quarter
Sexual Harassment: Advice for Men in the Workplace, page 3
Dads' House Update, page 8
What's Wrong With Mediation, Anyway?, page 9

AboutFACE-NJ, 1996 2nd quarter
New Child Support Guidelines, page 1
What a Difference a Day Make$, page 1
Gauging Family Court in South Jersey, page 2
How Men Should Handle False Allegations of Sex Abuse, page 3
Is FACE Being Effective Yet? (part 2) - FACE's recent activities, page 4
They're Coming After Your Drivers License, page 5

AboutFACE-NJ, 1996 1st quarter
How Men Should Handle a Spouse's False Allegations of Physical Abuse, page 2
Is FACE Being Effective Yet? - FACE's recent activities, page 7
Dads' House Update, page 8
Why I Demonstrate, page 9

AboutFACE-NJ, 1995 4th quarter
Dad's House, page 1
New FACE Poster, page 11

AboutFACE-NJ, 1995 2nd quarter
Ethics, page 1
New Jersey Commission to Study the Laws of Divorce, page 3

AboutFACE-NJ, 1995 1st quarter
Court Watching in New Jersey, page 2
Judge Segal Transferred to Atlantic County, page 3

AboutFACE-NJ, 1994 4th quarter
Support Your Local Jurist, page1
Court Watching in New Jersey, page 2
McBoycott!, page 2
Juvenile Justice Symposium Calls For Stronger Family Values, page 3
Mental Health Professionals in Family Court, page 4
Commission to Study the Laws of Divorce, page 7
Halloween Demonstrations, page 11

AboutFACE-NJ, 1994 3rd quarter
In Memorium - Avi, Geri and Ryan Kostner, page 1
A Glimmer of Sanity From the Appellate Division, page 2
NJ Appellate Court Rules Time Children Spend With Non-Custodial Parent
Should Be Considered When Setting Child Support, page 3
Why Are Judges Biased Against Men?, page 4
Book Review: "Hungry Ghosts" by Mary Taylor Previte, page 5
Commission to Study the Laws of Divorce, page 6
Fight Back!, page 6
First Annual American Fathers Coalition Fathers Day Rally, page 8

AboutFACE-NJ, 1994 2nd quarter
Commission to Study the Laws of Divorce, page 1
New Jersey Courts of Injustice, page 2
L'Affaire Herman, continued - campaign against reappointment of judge Herman, page 6
My Weekend Adventure (part 3), page 8

AboutFACE-NJ, 1994 1st quarter
Commission to Study the Laws of Divorce, page 1
L'Affaire Herman - campaign against reappointment of judge Herman, page 1
Dr. "R" - biases of a custody evaluator, page 2
My Weekend Adventure (part 2), page 3
The Judicial Appointment Process in New Jersey, page 4
When Should the Public Have Input?, page 5
Is "Lawyer Ethics" an Oxymoron?, page 5

AboutFACE-NJ, 1993 4th quarter
My Weekend Adventure (part 1), page 2
Ventnor Mom Reverses Court's Custody Decision, page 3
Second Annual Halloween Party at Judge Segal's House, page 4
The Lawyerless - in Washington 88% of family court litigants are pro se, page 5
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