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Meeting Schedule


The best way to learn about FACE and what FACE does is to attend some of our meetings, and meet and network with some of our members and other contacts.



FACE's monthly General Meeting is open to the public, and is the best introduction to FACE. There is usually a speaker or a program pertinent to family relationships, family court, or FACE's other areas of interest. 

Second Tuesday of each month, 7:00 PM to 8:45 PM 
Kennedy Hospital, 2201 West Chapel Ave. (at Cooper Landing Road), Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 [Map]
Hospital phone: 856-488-6500

Use the main entrance. We usually meet in the Executive Dining Room next to the Cafeteria. Check with Security when you sign in for any unexpected meeting room change.

1. All persons attending meetings at the hospital are required to sign in at the reception desk.
2. You will also be asked to sign in at the FACE meeting.
3. The main entrance to the hospital is locked at 8:00 PM. If you arrive after 8:00 PM you must enter the building through the Emergency Department.
4. Meeting must end by 8:45 PM, and all attendees must leave the building by 9:00 PM.

After the General Meeting on the second Tuesday of each month, about 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM,
Cherry Hill Diner, 2341 Route 38 (eastbound at Cooper Landing Road/ Church Road Circle, next to Cherry Hill Nissan), Cherry Hill, NJ 08002, 856-667-8255 [Map]
If enough people want to continue the conversation, join us for coffee and informal conversation immediately following the General Meeting. Click here for map of route from hospital to diner.




At workgroup meetings FACE staff helps members strategize how to manage their own cases and/or represent themselves in court. Non-members are usually welcome to observe, but some of our work with members may be confidential. Contact the meeting host for meeting location and directions. See FACE Meeting Rules, below.


First Thursday of each month, 7:00 PM
Contact: Dave Fischer, 888-763-2239 ext. 102, dfischer@facenj.org , for meeting location.
Please note Meeting Rule #2, below.

At times when our usual meeting space is unavailable, we will instead meet informally at:
Princetonian Diner, 3509 Route 1 (southbound), Princeton, NJ 08540, 609-452-2272 [Map]

Until further notice, FACE Mercer County Workgroup meetings
will be held at Princetonian Diner. 
Third Monday of each month, 7:00 PM, Runnemede, NJ
Meeting location is confidential, and is convenient to NJ Turnpike Exit 3.
Contact: Anthony Avallone, 609-408-8075, aavallone@facenj.org , for location.

At times when our usual meeting space is unavailable, we will instead meet informally at:
Phily Diner, 31 S Black Horse Pike, Runnemede NJ 08078, 856-939-4322 [Map] 

Third Wednesday of each month, 7:00 PM, Edison, NJ
36 Meridian Rd., Edison, NJ 08820 [map]
Last building on right side of Meridian Rd. Turn right into parking lot at end of road. Enter through main door from parking lot.

No RSVP required for this meeting. To get directions, click here [map] , or phone 888-763-2239 ext. 101, or email info@facenj.org .

Please DO NOT bring any food to this meeting.  There are strict dietary regulations in this entire building.  Refreshments will usually be provided.
Fourth Monday of each month, 8:00 PM, Paterson, NJ
Contact meeting host for location.
Please note Meeting Rule #2, below.
Contact: Linda Graves, lgraves@facenj.org by email only.

At times when our usual meeting space may be unavailable, we will instead meet informally at:
Tick Tock Diner, 281 Allwood Rd, Clifton, NJ 07012 [Map]  
Main entrance to diner parking lot is on westbound Route 3 in Clifton.

The Monday, April 24, 2017 FACE Passaic County Workgroup meeting
will be held at the Tick Tock Diner (see above) and will begin at 7:00 PM. 
Fourth Thursday of each month, 7:00 PM
Contact: Mike Sycle, 954-394-3090, msycle@gmail.com

At times when our usual meeting space may be unavailable, we will instead meet informally at:
Crystal Diner, 2 Route 37, Toms River NJ 08753, 732-244-6262  [Map]

Our Ocean County FACE meeting host, Mike, has moved and will no longer be hosting.  The October 27, 2016 meeting was the last at his location.  FACE needs to find a new site for this meeting.  If you live within 25 miles of Toms River and can volunteer to host a FACE meeting in your home, please let us know by calling 888-763-2239.

Until further notice, Ocean County FACE workgroup meetings 
will be held at the Crystal Diner (see above).

The New Jersey FACE organization welcomes everyone to our meetings. If legal jurisdiction in your case is in Pennsylvania, or if you live in Pennsylvania, you might prefer to attend meetings of the Pennsylvania FACE organization in Pennsylvania. Click here for the Pennsylvania meeting schedule and contact information. 



* The hosts of meetings indicated by an asterisk ( * ) maintain their own contact lists. Persons attend these meetings will receive email announcements of future meetings. If you do not want to receive these emails, please let the host know.




1. No alcoholic beverages or other controlled substances are allowed at any FACE activities. If you have consumed or are under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances, please do not attend.

2. If meeting contact information is provided, please call in advance. Workgroup meetings are usually held at private locations. Be courteous and contact the hosts in advance to let them know you plan to attend and get directions. Workgroup meetings may be canceled if no calls have been received 24 hours prior to the meeting.

3. Every effort will be made to accommodate children at FACE meetings, but be aware that issues discussed may be inappropriate for young children.

4. "I can't come because of a scheduling conflict." Many FACE meetings run late or adjounrn to another location. FACE wants to provide help on meeting days to everyone who needs it. Contact the meeting host, find out when the meeting is expected to end, and let him/her know when you would like to arrive.




Sometimes lawyers attend FACE meetings. Sometimes lawyers may be invited to FACE meetings as guest speakers. FACE does not discriminate against lawyers, and they are just as welcome to attend FACE meetings as those with any other occupation.

Some people who come to FACE meetings may feel an urgent need to hire a lawyer for their family issues. Sometimes they may think a lawyer they meet at a FACE meeting is in some way better qualified to handle their case than others, or that a lawyer at a FACE meeting has some special empathy to their problems that others don't, or they may feel that a lawyer at a FACE meeting is approved or recommended by FACE. None of this is correct.


Lawyers you may meet at a FACE meeting should be interviewed, investigated, and qualified just as you would any lawyer you find elsewhere. If you don't know how to do this, ask FACE. There are no “FACE lawyers.”





For the convenience of members and potential new members, FACE is now actively seeking new workgroup meeting sites in these locations:

PRIORITY #1: A replacement for our Ocean County meeting site.  (See above.)

PRIORITY #2: A far-southern New Jersey location, central to Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland and Salem counties. An ideal location would be somewhere in the vicinity of Vineland.

Workgroup meetings are confidential. The meeting place should be private so we can control attendence. A public meeting room at a library or a restaurant would not be ideal. What can you offer? Your dining room table or living room one evening a month? A conference room at your place of business? You must be able to make a commitment for not less than six months. Phone FACE at 888-76 FACE 9 or email info@facenj.org .




Although the name of the organization is Fathers' and Children's Equality, no one is unwelcome at FACE meetings because of gender. Women are and always have been important to FACE. More than 50% of the initial inquiries FACE receives are from women, and FACE provides its services to all non-custodial parents and all of their loved ones regardless of gender. Membership is not limited to men. About 25% of our members and supporters are women, including not only non-custodial mothers, but also grandmothers, second wives, girlfriends, daughters and all the others affected by separation from extended family members.

If you are a woman who reached out to FACE seeking help for a man in your life who is important to you, you are his moral support. We especially want you to attend FACE meetings with him and to continue to provide that support for him.



FACE IS A SELF-HELP GROUP. WE ARE NOT LAWYERS. WE DO NOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE. WE CAN NOT AND DO NOT REPRESENT ANYONE IN COURT. If you find a competent, capable lawyer who fully understands your and your children's rights, who is willing and able to tenaciously fight to secure those rights, who completely understands the facts in your case, and who you can afford to pay, you should hire that lawyer and seek that lawyer's advice. If you can not find or afford to pay such a lawyer, we urge you to seek all available resources to aid yourself in securing these rights. 





FLR-PAC is not part of FACE. It is an independent organization, open to all persons concerned with reforming and improving family law. FACE, like all nonprofit organizations, is limited in its activities. Although some of FACE's members, acting as individuals or as members of FLR-PAC, may engage in lobbying or other political activities, FACE does not. FLR-PAC is listed on this web page only for the convenience of individuals who may wish to conduct their personal political activities as part of a group. FLR-PAC meets at central-New Jersey locations.

FLR-PAC is no longer active.  Please see the announcement of the formation of the new Family Advocates Network Political Action Committee on this page.


This page last updated 4/20/2017.