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Donate to FACE online:

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If you are joining FACE and your donation is for membership dues,
please let us know in an email to:


Attach a completed FACE Membership Application to your email,
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FACE Membership

The primary benefits of membership in a noncustodial parents' support group are the moral support one receives from others in similar circumstances, and legal support -- understanding how the family court system works, and guidance in effective pro se representation (representing yourself in court) and/or managing your lawyer/employee, if you choose to use one.

Four classes of FACE membership:

Regular membership:  Dues are $100.00 per year.  
You can still join FACE for a whole year for about what it would cost to speak with a lawyer for 20 minutes.

"Pay It Forward" membership: 
Dues are $180.00 per year. 
FACE never turns anyone away for inability to pay dues.  Pay your dues and dues for someone else who cannot afford to pay (TWO MEMBERSHIPS), and you both get a 10% discount.

Patron membership: 
Dues are $300.00 per year.
Patrons receive special recognition for their generosity. Those who can afford to are encouraged to make this extra contribution.

Life Membership:  One-time contribution of $1,000.00 or more.
Life membership never expires, and life members receive special recognition for their generosity and support. If your youngest child is now under ten years old, Life Membership will be the most economical FACE membership through emancipation.


To join FACE, click here for a membership application . The information requested on the application will only be used to help us better understand your case and match you with others in similar circumstances. FACE never shares information about any member with anyone outside of FACE without the specific approval of that individual.

If your employer has a charitable giving program by payroll deduction (United Way, etc.), please donate to FACE through that program. FACE will then also benefit from your employer's matching funds. FACE will count all funds received from you or on your behalf toward annual membership dues. To do this, designate "Fathers' and Children's Equality" and our mailing address as your "Donor Choice Agency" on your employer's enrollment form.

FACE has never turned anyone away for inability to pay dues.
Although it does take money to keep the organization operating, we need your time and your personal participation in our activities almost as much as we need your dues. If you can not afford to pay dues now, let us know and we will consider you for a dues deferment.  If dues are deferred, we will expect you to pay dues when you become able to.

Is FACE membership a bargain?
You can join FACE and get a whole year of FACE meetings, consultation on FACE's winning strategies and techniques, networking with FACE members, and updates on new developments effecting non-custodial parents and their families for the same cost as speaking with a lawyer for about 20 minutes. And, since FACE members are not "officers of the court," there are no limitations on what FACE can tell you. You will get accurate, complete information that you can use.

Whether you choose to join FACE or not, please do not become one of those who come to FACE meetings once or twice, then disappear, then come back a year or two later, telling us of how much they squandered on ineffective lawyers and experts, and saying "I wish I had listened to you then."

Is FACE membership confidential?

Some people have expressed reluctance to join FACE. They feel that knowledge of their association with FACE may have a negative effect on the outcome of their family court cases. FACE membership is always confidential. Unless requested by the member, FACE has never, and will never, release to anyone the identity of any individual FACE member. The United States Supreme Court has upheld the Right of membership organizations like FACE to keep their membership lists confidential when releasing this information would cause harm to members. See: N.A.A.C.P. v. Alabama ex rel. Patterson, 360 U.S. 240 (1959), and N.A.A.C.P. v. Alabama ex rel. Flowers, 377 U.S. 288 (1964
Annual memberships are for a calendar year. First year memberships expire on December 31st of the year in which you join. The term of all subsequent annual membership renewals is January 1st through December 31st.

Like every other business, household or organization, it takes money to keep FACE operating.  FACE is an all-volunteer, grass-roots 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  We receive no government funding, and have received only modest corporate sponsorship.  We are self-funded through the generosity of our members and other contributors. 

We keep our expenses very low.  FACE operates with no paid employees and no rented office space, yet we do have certain basic obligations we must meet.  We do pay bills every month, including telephone, postage, internet, subscriptions, office supplies, photocopying, meeting expenses, etc.  Our only source of funding is our membership and other supporters.

To grow FACE, gain more acceptance, and be the recognized and respected authority we need to be, we must maintain and increase our visibility.  If you believe in every child's Civil Right to a full, loving, meaningful parent-child relationship with both parents regardless of the parents' marital status, and believe in what FACE is doing to accomplish that, we urge you to join FACE and/or make a contribution.  



How else can I contribute to FACE?


FACE will welcome your personal contribution, but if your employer has a charitable giving program by payroll deduction (United Way, etc.), we encourage you to donate to FACE through your employer's program.  FACE will then also  benefit from your employer's matching funds.  When FACE receives it, your $5 per week can become a $500 contribution.  Upon your request, FACE will credit funds received from you or on your behalf toward annual FACE membership dues. 

For United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, FACE is Donor Choice Agency #9097.

For all other charitable giving programs, write in "Fathers' and Children's Equality" and our mailing address (at bottom of this page) as your "Donor Choice Agency" on your employer's enrollment form.  The program will contact FACE to confirm our non-profit status.  Your contributions plus your employer's matching funds will then go to FACE.



Buy stuff on-line?  Ever buy from Amazon?  Everybody does.  Now you can register FACE on smile.amazon.com as the charity you would like to support, and AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of the amount of your purchases to FACE.  For this to happen. when you shop at Amazon, you must only log on at:


When you do, the webpage will have "amazon smile" in the top left corner, followed by "Supporting: Fathers' and Children's Equality."



Creating a new website?  Starting a new blog?  Registering a new domain?  Interested in e-commerce?  Need a new web host?  Do it with FACE's web host, 1&1, and FACE will receive affiliate commission.  FACE has been completely satisfied with 1&1's service, support, user-friendly web design tools, and prices.  Contact 1&1 Web Hosting by clicking the logo at the bottom of each page of this website and FACE will automatically receive affiliate commission. 

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Your gift will help FACE remain a vital voice for parents and for children who often can not speak for themselves.  Consider a bequest to FACE in a new or revised will, or a codicil to an existing will.  Name FACE as a beneficiary of your life insurance or retirement plans.  Donate appreciated securities to FACE.  You may also be able to provide for FACE through various types of trusts.  Discuss with your financial adviser that you want to help FACE, and the most beneficial ways to do so.  Please contact FACE or have your adviser contact FACE to discuss your plans and get additional needed information.  



Donate your unwanted car, van, SUV, truck or motorcycle to FACE.  We will pick up your vehicle anywhere in New Jersey or in the five boroughs of New York City at no expense to you, and provide you with all documentation required to claim it as a "Non-Cash Charitable Contribution" on your tax return.  Just phone FACE at 888-763-2239 and we do the rest.  Advantages to you: No phone calls to answer, no strangers coming to your home, you can stop paying insurance and registration on a car you don't drive, and you can claim the maximum tax deduction available.  
We have all heard of vehicle donations to charities.  Many vehicles are donated to charities about which the donors know nothing.  By donating your unwanted vehicle to FACE, you will know it benefits an organization that you know and believe in.



Did you receive gift cards for the holidays or your birthday? Haven't used them yet? Never will? The National Retail Federation reports that, since 2005, $41 billion worth of gift cards have not been redeemed. Some issuers charge inactivity fees that will slowly deplete the value of the cards. Don't let your gift cards go to waste ... Re-gift them to FACE.

FACE will use your unwanted gift cards to benefit children and to purchase things that we use. Just send your gift cards to FACE, P.O. Box 3302, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034. If known, be sure to include the amount remaining on the card, and your name and address so we can thank you.



FACE can also use your unwanted, operational, late-model computers, printers, scanners, photocopiers, video cameras, digital cameras, audio recorders, and other office equipment.  Please first let us know what you would like to donate.  In-kind gift donations will be acknowledged by FACE, and may be tax-deductible as donations to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.



This page last updated on 2/23/2023.